Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wild Week

Last week was our annual Wild Week - a week similar to Homecoming, but for Basketball. There are spirit days every day and the kids all get a chance to dress up. The week is always super hectic and crazy, but super fun as well.
Here are some of my 8th graders on Cowboys/Indians Day:

7th Graders on Cowboys/Indians Day:

Wednesday was M.I.B/Aliens Day :)
more aliens:
7th grade alien and M.I.B:
8th Grade Aliens:
This is me and one of my freshmen students... she and I are both in flats :)
Thursday was twin day and it was hilarious to see the different groups that students came as. Here are my three 7th grade dancing bananas: Three Blind Mice:
Babies (complete with pacifiers and adult diapers)
Snap and Crackle (Pop was in my other class)
Breakdancing during passing period :)

I know that this picture makes you jealous of what I get to do all day. hahaha NOT!
Trying to harness this amount of craziness and energy to teach equations is tougher than it looks! :) hahaha
The week ended on Saturday night with the High School Winter Formal.
Sarah and Jossie were my first batch of 7th graders and now they're driving!!!

We rounded off the night with an air-guitar performance of "Don't Stop Believin" that had the girls apparently going crazy :)
Sweet freshman girls:
Wild Week was fun, as always, and it was nice to get to be silly and dress up with my students, but I'm definitley ready for "life as normal" to resume today. :)

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