Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Candlelight Dinner

Last Thursday night Luke and I got to have a "nice" candlelight dinner :) Not by choice, though, but out of necessity since someone drove through a transformer box on Lake Forest and knocked out power in our entire neighborhood! It was right as it was getting dark and was time for dinner, which was super convenient because it's really easy to make dinner and feed it to a toddler with no electricity. :) I am now more grateful than ever for our modern conveniences, as I had about 43 candles lit in my kitchen and still couldn't see anything. ha!Luke didn't seem to mind too much as he ate his Popsicle by the glow of all of my candles burning :)
Thankfully the power came on after about an hour and I was able to do all those important things requiring electricity, like charging my iPhone and watching Grey's Anatomy. Whew!

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