Thursday, January 7, 2010


I've titled this post SIGH because that's what I feel like doing every time I think about this project or work on it or talk about it... a big, fat heavy SIGH.
The extra bedroom at the front of our house has been a "junk collection room" since we moved in back in April. It's always been slated to be Luke's "big boy room", but since we haven't needed it for anything we were just throwing junk in there. I always try to pick a big project every time I have a break from school and this time I picked the junk room. I've been searching for fabric and an idea to inspire me and I finally found one and so I thought I'd better jump on it before I changed my mind.
Here's the room mid-first coat. I forgot to take a picture of the original color, but it as kind of a creamy color with a little bit of a pink tint. Pretty far removed from "Retro Avacado" which is what the room is now :)

Here's some of the original color:

The floor is this room is randomly the EXACT SAME SLATE that we had put in our old house (in the entryway and on the fireplace) and I think it goes really well with the fabrics and paint (and the whole dinosaur motif)
Here's the room now! The walls are bare and I still have to order my fabric for the pillows, but at least all of the dirty grunt work (aka painting) is done. No, Luke's not sleeping in here yet or anything even close to that, but it gives us a place to put a lot of his toys and he really likes to come in here and read on the bed :) So cute! I'm working on some magnet boards and am trying to brainstorm what to do above his bed along with making the pillows, window valance and a few other small projects.
If you recognize the furniture, it's becasue it was in our office at our old house. I absolutley LOVE this furnigure and since our office here was all built ins I didn't want to just get rid of it, so since his closet in here is pretty big we thought he could get away without a traditional dresser. I'm looking for a chair to go with the desk and please note that none of the stuff on the very tops of the hutches will be staying there permanently.

The room is sans ceiling fan right now which we'll HAVE to take care of before the summer and I'm also looking for wall-mount lighting to go above his bed (so we can get rid of that seriously out-of-place lamp) hahaha!
I'll keep ya'll updated as projects for this room (like fabric! ha!) are completed, but I think it looks pretty good for a Christmas break project.
So... SIGH... even though he's not sleeping in here, Dave kindly pointed out to me the other day as Luke was sitting on the bed flipping through Elmo books, that if we stay in this house (which we plan to do) that it won't be long before he's sitting there flipping through chapter books and comic books and chemistry books! SIGH! SIGH! SOB!!! Thanks, Dave! :)

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  1. you are super woman! When you finish all your projects can you come this way?!?! :)


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