Friday, January 8, 2010

Frat Shag

I've been told many times but lots of different people (including strangers!) that Luke has a "southern swoop", "SEC hair", and my favorite, the "Frat Shag". I had a general idea of what these people were talking about, but decided to go to the source of all great information, Wikipedia, for more details...
"The frat shag is a hair style associated with college students in the American South, in which the hair extends to the eyebrows and past the ears of an individual... the hair on the top of the head can be combed over in order to retain the conservative look of the hairstyle. To be considered a true frat shag, the hair must not contain any styling products. On specific occasions (such as a formal), the hair may be blow-dried and combed in one direction. Although the hairstyle is associated with fraternity men, it is also popular among other male students on Southern college campuses, especially in the Southeastern Conference."
AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! First of all, I can't believe that this is an actual entry in Wikipedia, but trust me, it is! My very favorite part is when is says that to be a "true frat shag, the hair must not contain any styling products". Priceless.
Since Wikipedia didn't have any pictures to go along with their information, I had to go out and find my own and I immediatley thought of the show "Two-A-Days" that was on MTV forever ago...
He must have blow dried his hair for this picture, which I guess could be considered a special occasion, so it's okay :)
So now on to my own little SEC Frat boy... please bear in mind that these pictures are not good at all (ha!), but I thought that they were a good example of what Luke's hair looks like on a good day (no bed head, no food crusted in it, no hat hair, etc.)There are no styling products and it definitley touches the eyebrows and goes to one side, so I think he definitley qualifies as official. Just so everyone's clear, this is just how Luke's hair grown naturally.... literally it grows forward on one side and he was born with a part and a swoop (see THESE photos for proof!). Luke's hair doesn't always look so "southern"... the following pictures were taken after dinner a few nights ago when I had to wet his hair down in an attempt to get mac and cheese remnants out of it before we hit the bathtub... He's definitley not lacking in the hair department!
It looks like he's destined to have Southern Boy hair and so I may have to start shopping for him here and pick up a pair of little Sperrys ASAP. :)

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