Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rocked My World!

So I realize that many of you may already be well aware of the following product, but I only became aware of it a couple of months ago and it has ROCKED MY WORLD - well, in terms of cooking that is. I love to cook, but HATE chopping vegetables, especially onions. It's stinky and time-consuming and just no fun... so you can imagine my surprise when my mom asked me why, if I hated chopping onions so much, I didn't just buy the frozen ones. Excuse me, frozen chopped onions??? Why are you just now telling me about them?!?!?
I buy mine at Kroger and they're typically under $1/bag. Each bag has several onions worth in it and it's great because now, instead of chopping an onion, I just reach into the bag and pull out a handful or two and throw it into whatever I'm cooking. It's been amazing. Anyway, this post has been extremely random, but I thought that if any of you were as unaware of the frozen chopped onion as I was, that maybe reading this would rock your world, too! Happy cooking!

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