Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Full of Bologna

I mentioned in a previous post that Luke has been feeling under the weather since Friday, well, ladies and gentlemen, he's definitely feeling better and is more full of bologna then ever. :) His eyes are sparkly again and he's into lots of mischief. Last night I caught him standing on his block box and pressing the buttons on the DVR - definitely more of our regular Luke than the mopey one that had been hanging on us all weekend. He's fever-free and has his appetite back. YAY! The following pictures are actually from last week (I took some cute ones of him in the tub last night, but haven't uploaded them yet), but I thought they were cute: Drinking with no hands at Lunch at PeiWei

Singing to the tables around us

Staring at the ceiling. hahaha

Being full of bologna :)

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