Friday, January 29, 2010

Luke vs. Concrete

Luke versus Concrete.
Concrete won. On Wednesday afternoon Luke and Gibi were playing outside when Luke took a major tumble off the sidewalk onto the street (well, the culdesac, not really the street... but pavement nonetheless). Gibi told me that it looked REALLY bad, but when I got home and saw this I really wanted to cry! It looks SO painful!
What's ironic about the situation (and humorous, if there's humor in a toddler smacking their head up) is that Luke was asked to be a "cover kid" for McKinney Kids Magazine and his photo shoot was on Thursday. Thank goodness for his swoopy hair and Photoshop :)
I don't have any of the actual pictures to show you, but here are a few I snapped of Mr. Man before he headed into the studio. The feature article this month is about Cowboy themed birthday parties which is why he's dressed western.

Having a bite to eat before taking pictures:
Gibi fixing his hair (and trying to cover the goose egg!)

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  1. Oh my gosh!!!! Poor Baby!!!!!! Carter's face met the pavement this week too, but it doesn't look nearly as painful as Luke's head looks. SO exciting about the cover shoot!!!! What month is it for? I can hardly wait to see it!


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