Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Zoo - It's like you were there!

Last week, on MLK day we headed out to the Ft. Worth Zoo to enjoy the GORGEOUS weather and see some animals. Ya'll know that I take A LOT of pictures and it's super hard for me to then go through the 200+ pictures I took during our 3 hour zoo adventure and pare them down to 5... so you can feel like you were at the zoo with us as I share my bazillion pics!
Our first stop was the flamingos:

(please excuse my childs desperate need for a haircut... he got one the next day!)
After the flamingos it was on to the meerkats... he couldn't crawl up into the viewing dome thing by himself so Dave jumped up there with him...
Almost as exciting as the meerkats was the big giant grate next to the exhibit :)
Next it was on to the elephants:
We were talking about the elephants big nose and so he had to point to his own nose (and then mine, and Dave's and the people next to us as well!) This is not the greatest picture of Luke man, but I thought it was adorable, becuase right now if he thinks something is cold he goes "brrrr" and brings his hands up to his neck :) The elephant was splashing around and I guess he thought it was cold:

If you've been to the Fort Worth Zoo then you know how much fun the parakeet exhibit is. You get to walk into the enclosed exhibit with a stick covered in bird seed. There are HUNDREDS of birds all over the place and they come right up to you to eat the seed off the stick. I wasn't sure how Luke was going to do with this whole situation but he did GREAT! I had visions of him trying to pick the bird up or lick it or something wierd, but he found one that was on the ground, crouched down and sat perfectly still for several minutes while it ate:

After the birds we headed over to the kangaroos where Luke found the kangaroo statue obviously hilarious!

Checking out the penguins: More fish (he's wearing a hat and extra sweatshirt because even though it was warm... it was super windy)
Touching the sea creatures:

Funny face!
We were looking at fish and so he made a fishy face:

Talking on a tin-can phone

Sweet face
(please excuse my giant MCA spirit sweatshirt :) It was colder than expected and it's what I had available. ha!)
I think that he pressed the button on the pig (which made it oink) for about 20 minutes straight. It cracked me up, because last time we were here (in the summer) it scared him!
Dave's attempt at a cute picture of Luke and I...
Issue #1 - He didn't tell us he was taking a picture
Issue #2 - Could he be any farther away?!?!
Issue #3 - Why on earth are Luke and I way at the bottom of the picture???
A little bit better :)
We bought memberships to the zoo and so hopefully we'll be visiting often... I promise next time I won't post as many pictures :)

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  1. I love all of his expressions! And his frat shag. (I'm getting caught up)


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