Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Last One... I Promise!

This will officially be my very last post dedicated to Scare on the Square - I promise! I'm super far behind on scrapbooking and posting pics. Oh well!
Here's Luke meeting Leah:
Luke and Carter checking eachother out:

Luke "pointing out" Ebby Lee's nose:
Luke holding Leah's hand (poor Ebby Lee! - Luke pretty much crushed her the entire time):
Group photo attempt #1 (Again, sorry Ebby Lee!)
Group photo attempt #2:
Group photo attempt #3:
Luke loves him some Leah (a little too much apparently!):
More hand holding (seriously, what am I in for?!?!?!)

Will there ever be a good group picture????
We decided to run around and burn off some energy and we ran into a couple of my students who were collecting canned foor for Scare Away Hunger. Good thing I had a couple of cans of Spaghetti-O's in my diaper bag. Ha! Cause who doesn't?!?!
Jaxson came!
(Luke has Leah Curley's ingenious gatorade bottle with dry pasta in it)


Luke upset that Jaxson had the pasta bottle:

Luke pointing at said pasta bottle:

Leah's kind of bored with it all:

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