Monday, November 9, 2009

Fabulous Fall

I can't get over how absolutely GORGEOUS the weather has been lately! I'm not typically an "outdoorsy" kind of a girl, but I'm going to chalk that up to the fact that being outdoors in TX typically isn't a pleasant experience. ha! MCA has an "open" campus with LOTS of outdoors space and last week I decided to take advantage of it and spent a good part of the week outside with my various classes. I wrote our lessons in sidewalk chalk, modeled equations with leaves and came up with pretty much any "excuse" to take my kids outside... 7th grade boys (ugh, I can't believe that Luke will be one of "them" one day. ha!)
so cute:
I had to take this picture about 9 times before they all thought they had a "good smile" or their "teeth looked pretty" or "their eyes weren't too squinty", but I somehow managed to please the adolescent group with this shot. Oh, to be 13 again! :) Hopefully the weather will be a repeat of last week and we'll be spending a lot more time outside again this week!

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  1. This makes me miss my teaching days! What an awesome teacher you are! Those kiddos are blessed to have you.


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