Monday, November 2, 2009

Harvest Party

Let me just preface this post with this - I H.A.T.E. that I'm posting unedited and unscrapbooked pics... but at the rate I'm going, these are never going to go up if I don't just post them as is :) My mom and I are going to have a scarf booth at the MISD Partners in Education Christmas Craft Show this Saturday and so every spare minute I have I'm devoting to knitting (well, and putting up Thanksgiving decorations and grading papers and trying to get my reading done for tomorrow night... ha!) So, I'll be dealing with my perfectionist tendencies as long as ya'll don't judge my bazillion unedited photos :)
Last Saturday night was our BFG Harvest party and the kids got to come in their costumes (YAY!). We had a small photo session with Luke before we left to try and get a couple of good pictures of him in his bat costume.
I asked him to sit "by" the pumpkins and he decided to sit "on" it:

Warming up to taking pictures (thanks, Gibi for your help!)

Luke loves him some pumpkins:

Note Gibi's "I'm gonna get you claws" on the left side of the picture... the only thing that perked up our impromptu photo session and kept all of the pictures from having that "zoned out after nap" look

Touching the bushes: At the party... Dave and Luke, Karla and Xander
At what age do kids actually start looking and smiling at the camera on cue? (except for Kensington Shull - Shay, your child is the most photogenic little girl EVER... case in point to come later in the post)
Attempt at a family picture:
Rachel and Jaxson (cracks me up!)
Nurse Molly:
Erika and Ebby Lee (another photogenic little girl!)
Luke and Ian playing soccer:
Luke and Kensington photo attempt:

Jaxson, Luke and Kensington (see what I mean about her being photogenic?!?! So cute!)
Say Cheese!
The party was a blast, but a huge change from last year. Last year I brought my little "hot dog" and we just hung out and sat and talked... this year Dave chased our big-boy-bat around the ENTIRE time. ha! Can't wait to see what it's like next year!

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  1. I think it's because she likes you so much! Mommy doesn't always have that luck!


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