Friday, September 11, 2009

Impromptu Family Pics

Last Tuesday night (when it was actually semi-bearable outside and I thought that maybe, just maybe, the end of the ungodly heat was near) we stopped by Gibi's house and went for a walk on the golf course. I snapped a bunch of cute pics (which I'm in the process of scrapbooking), but my mom also took a couple of impromptu family pics. Both my boys were in desperate need of a haircut and if I had known I was going to be in a picture I would have probably worn something other than one of my bazillion MCA spirit shirts and giant grey cut off sweatpants. I probably also would have brushed my hair and had makeup on, - but oh well.
Check out that silly grin:
Since becomming a mom, I've found that I really don't care how I look in a picture (to a point, of course) - If Luke looks cute I'll gladly share the picture with the blog world! :)

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  1. Sweatpants or not, you're totally adorable! I just linked over from Kelly's blog and had to leave a little comment. :o) Love that last pic of your little man in the middle.

    (P.S. LOVE the Little Gym!)


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