Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Little Gym

Last Saturday morning we took Luke to our local Little Gym to try out a class. It took him about 3 seconds to warm up to the place and even before we could get into the gym he was making himself right at home - exploring everything and pushing the chairs around. Class started with "circle time" which he enjoyed from outside the circle running around :) He did enjoy running through the middle of the circle high-fiving the other babies and the bubble machine was enthralling as well. After circle time they blew up the air mat and although we were warned that most kids kind of "freaked out" the first couple of times they are on it, Luke (surprise! surprise!) pried his hand from mine and was running back and forth and jumping on it before it was even fully blown up. ha! After the airmat it was time to "explore" the equipment. Luke tried out everything and was the "teacher's pet" when she needed a kid to demonstrate a skill. After exploring the parallel bars, uneven bars, wedge mats and balance beam it was time to get out the balls.... and what put this whole experience over the top for Luke is that they store all of their bouncy balls in a TRASH CAN!!! We know that Luke loves him some trash can :)
The class ended with another round of the ceiling-mounted bubble machine and a couple of stamps on his hands and feet and overall I'd say it was a success.

Although he LOVED it, we've decided to wait to enroll him in their spring semester so that he'll qualify to be in an older age-group class (right now he's the oldest one in the class). I think that it would be more beneficial if he had older kids to look to as an example rather than babies who are still crawling to step on. hahaha

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