Sunday, August 2, 2009

Superman Brewkeys

My maternal grandparents are Dutch and they migrated from Holland to Canada sometime in the early 1950's (I think). Growing up we got to learn lots of fun dutch words, my favorite being "brewkeys". Obviously I have no idea how to spell this, so I just spelt it like it sounds.
Brewkeys was the word for underwear and I still use it to this day.
A couple of weeks ago during a particularly bout of diaper rash, I picked up some Superman "brewkeys" for Luke to wear around and hopefully "air out". ha! He had them on, looked at himself in the mirror and then peed all over his bedroom floor. I quickly put him in another pair and he strutted all over the rest of the house and when Dave picked him up to take him outside to get the mail, he realized that he had pooped in them! Needless to say, he went straight into a diaper and has only worn the brewkies on a few select occasions :) Nevertheless, he really enjoyed wearing them and I'm hoping that this will be a good sign for when we're ready to potty train.

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