Monday, August 3, 2009

Craft (and cooking) Therapy

Dave left for Germany for a 10-day mission trip on Friday and here's what I was doing on Thursday.... baking cookies.... in this picture you can see the 6 dozen chocolate chip and 2 dozen oatmeal raisin cookies that I had made by mid afternoon. But wait... ... there's another dozen!
I was a little bit anxious about Dave travelling overseas (the flying part - I rationally know that it's safer than driving a car, but I still get a little wierded out thinking about him thousands of feet in the air above the ocean) and so I eased my mind by baking. and baking. and baking. I think I packed about 4 out of the 8 dozen cookies in his backpack or suitcase, froze a dozen or so and have been polishing off the rest with the help of Luke and my parents.

Baking isn't the only thing that helps to ease my mind - CRAFTING is my other therapeutic pastime. So I decorated the envelopes of the cards that I stuck in DAve's bag for him to open everyday (my mom was the QUEEN of the "camp letter" and I LOVED going on any kind of trip away from home growing up becuase I knew that I'd get a bunch of really special notes from my mom and I guess because it meant to much to me I want to do it as well)

I also made a little mini-scrapbook and stuck it in Dave's bag as a surprise. We read this one book (I Love You, Goodnight) almost every night (and have since I was pregnant) and so I "recreated" it with pictures of Luke. AWWWW! I know, I'm a big sappy girl. But that's ok.
Dave and I RARELY are apart (I'm talking like maybe 2 nights while I go on a high school retreat for school or chaperone that 8th grade NASA trip) and so rather than be lonely, I've decided to revel in the things that I love to do when Dave's not here. Like wear my childish matching PJ sets that Dave doesn't find nearly as cute as I do, load the DVR with as many Lifetime movies (and episodes of Gilmore Girls) as possible, eat sandwiches for dinner and read my trashy gossip magazines. I guess that the adage "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone" is true, because although I'm enjoying my girly evenings, I miss having my partner in crime around :)
(I also miss being able to share dirty diaper duty and not having to empty the diaper champ!)


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