Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Look Familiar?

One of my family's favorite pastimes for the past 15 months has been to seemingly stare at Luke and try to figure out who he looks like. I think it's so much fun to try to distinguish which features he has of Dave and I and our extended families as well. My mom and I were digging through a few old pictures that I have yesterday and we came across a few that I thought might look familiar...

This is me - I forgot to ask my mom how old I was (maybe 2?) - this is very much a "Luke Look" to me: Here's where it starts to get a little bit creepy :) I've always said that I felt Luke looks like my brother, Mark, but looking at some pictures of Mark when he was about Luke's age kind of blew me away. The picture below is of Mark, me and our cousin Lindsay:
The picture below is of my Poppa (dad's dad), Mark and our cousin, Don. We noticed when Luke was really small that he has the EXACT same hair as Mark (they have the same part, it's the same color, the same cowlick in the back, it grows forward on one side...) and this picture proves it:
Luke has developed this funny little habit of moving his lower jaw over when he smiles and when he started doing it my mom said it was exactly like my dad when he was little - and I happened to find this picture of my dad as a toddler moving his jaw over the EXACT same way Luke moves his! So funny! I'm still going through pictures and so as I come across funny ones I'll be sure to post them for ya'll to see. :)


  1. How neat! I think he definitely looks like you & your brother!


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