Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1001 Bargains

A while ago my mom told me about this place in Wylie she had heard about called "1001 Bargains" (I think she actually heard about it while looking for a light fixture on Craigslist). So on Friday we packed up and headed to Wylie to check it out. The drive out there was a lot of fun, both she and I really enjoy being "off the beaten path" a little bit, and had fun driving through the "country" (is Lucas considered the country?!?!). Before we got there we stopped at McDonalds for lunch. Luke is super nosy and we actually had to move his high chair so he could eat and people watch at the same time :) He also had lots of fun playing with his very first McDonalds toy and poking his fingers through cup lids... As far as the 1001 Bargains place goes, it was pretty much a bust. We did find a couple of cute things, but nothing that was worth the 30 minute drive. But as far as the afternoon went, as is always the case when we're with Gibi, it was a blast!

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  1. Cute Scrapbooking page! What website did you make that on?


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