Thursday, June 4, 2009

One of Those Moms

Yesterday I became one of "those moms" - one of the moms that used to annoy the junk out of me when I was laying out at the pool in high school :) One of the moms that straps a giant pool floaty, diaper bag, towels, etc. to her stroller. One of the moms who strips her kid down to nakedness right next to the pool. One of the moms who let's her kid dip his graham crackers in the pool water before eating them. It's official. I'm one of those moms. But truth be told, I LOVE it :) I love carting half my life around in the stroller. Love seeing my son's little wrinkley hiney after spending an hour in the water. And (believe it or not) love watching my quirky kid eat chlorinated cookies.

It took us longer to get ready to go than we were actually there, but we had a FANTASTIC time with Shay, Kensington, Jaxson and Rachel at the Stonebridge Aquatic Center:

Girls, thanks for hanging out yesterday and for being one of "those moms" with me : )


  1. Hey Luke, may I have my swimming shorts back. I once had a pair, identical to yours.

  2. This post is SO funny! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. All of the kiddos are so cute in their swimsuits! I hope we all get to have lots of fun times together like this this summer!


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