Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Day At The Zoo

Last week Dave, Luke and I packed up and headed to the Ft Worth Zoo. It was unbearably humid, but we managed to survive and had a great time together as a family. I've said it before, but although I can't stand the thought of Luke growing up, I am LOVING getting to do more activities with him. He was wide-eyed and screaming (happy screaming - it's just his thing) pretty much the entire time we were there and was just an overall happy camper.
I've turned my pics into scrapbook pages, so don't forget that you can click on the picture to blow it up (and read the text).

If you've never been to the Ft. Worth Zoo you have to go just for their penguin exhibit. They swim right up to the glass and just kind of float there... so cute!
So before you look at the picture below, I just have to say that this was my favorite part of the whole day! We were waiting to ride the carousel and Luke got all snuggly - it was the best! He's so mobile and independent now and I just treasure these moments where he just wants to be held:
In two of the pictures below he's in the "learning barn" - super cute and educational place, but there was a creepy side, too - they had all these animals up on the walls and when you lifted the flaps underneath was a picture of what that part of the animal was used to make. ha! Does a toddler really need to know that glue and dogfood is made from horses, or that dice are made from sheep?!?!?! Strange!
I'm definitley seeing some trips to the carousel at Stonebriar in our future this summer. He smiled and squealed the ENTIRE time!!!
Blue Bell chocolate chip cookie dough... need I say more?!?!?!
These pictures were at the "touch tank" and it was cracking me up becuase the zoo worker asked us to please ask Luke to stop splashing. He's 14 months old, lady, that's what he does! He was so intense the entire time and Dave had to hold him extra tight because he was leaning so far forward I thought he was going to fall in!

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