Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Public again

I've made the decision to take my blog public again - after being scorned earlier in the year I vowed never to put myself in that vulnerable position again, but since getting to the bottom of the harassment situation and finding out that it was merely a couple of pathetic, disgruntled, sad, miserable, lowly people (one of whom we used to call a friend) I don't feel quite so creeped out anymore. I'm not sure why, but knowing it wasn't a stranger, but someone who apparently didn't like my family is strangely comforting. Anyway, it's not that I feel like I have anything extremely important to say, but I know that in my own personal experience I've gotten a lot of great advice and information (like using Lotramin on diaper rash) from other people's blogs and if someone can glean something from mine I'd like them to be able to. So, with that said, I'm asking that, as my loyal readers, you comply with the following rules (haha!)
  1. Do not leave mean or derogatory comments (if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all - or just say it out loud to yourself, don't take the time to write and post it - that's just pathetic)
  2. If I delete your comment, please don't repeatedly email it to me or post it about 45 times in the span of 22 minutes (again, pathetic)
  3. If something I've posted offends you (or, my family for some reason just offends you), stop looking at my blog.
  4. Take note now that all pictures on this blog are copyrighted and therefore you may not cut and paste them for any purpose (like creating a hateful "anti-blog" - because that would just be sad)
  5. Please do not harass my friends via their blogs
  6. Please do not hunt me down on facebook and start harassing my friends via facebook messaging
Hopefully the rules will be easy to follow and I'll be able to keep this blog public and easily accessible for a long time to come. Blog hop/stalk away :)

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  1. I love the rules! Blogs should be a place for people to share, encourage, motivate, uplift, and crack people up. Thank you! If you're reading this and also view shull family's blog...same rules apply!


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