Sunday, May 10, 2009

Can Gibi Come Out and Play???

One of our very favorite things about our new house is how close it is to Gibi and Grandpas. We try to go on a walk every night and we often stop at Gibi and Grandpa's house to see if they want to come out and "play". :) Last week, while the weather wasn't ungodly sticky, hot and humid was still nice we headed out on an extra long walk with Gibi (grandpa was on a business trip) and here are some pictures:
Luke and Gibi holding hands... they have a special bond :)
Let me explain the rocks - Luke has 4 rocks that he keeps in his wagon. He likes to hold onto them and hold them over the side of the wagon like he's going to drop them... but he never does. Gibi says that on her walks with Luke during the day he "never" tries to put the rocks in his mouth, but EVERY time that Dave and/or I take him out in the wagon we turn around and he's licking the rocks. We figure at this point he's licked all the dirt off, so what the heck :)
This series of pictures shows him thinking about licking the rocks, almost licking the rocks, licking the rocks and then contemplating the taste of dirty rocks:
On our way back home we decided to walk along the golf course instead of through the neighborhood and stopped on one of the tee boxes to let Luke crawl around in the grass. Can someone please tell me when my baby turned into a toddler?!?! Anyone???
I guess he got all big and "toddler-like" while I blinked - I'll try to refrain from blinking in the future :)
As you can see from the picture below, Luke was very excited to be playing in the grass. His daddy said he was excited to be on the golf course :) the first picture is kind of blurry because he was "hulking out" (that's what we call it when he squezes his little hands together and grunts a lot) so much...

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