Monday, May 4, 2009

A FantASStic Day:)

I know that ya'll have been itchin' to see my pictures from the donkey farm, and I don't disappoint so here ya go!
My group of 15 7th and 8th graders upon arrival at the donkey rescue farm:

Taylor-Nicole leading some mini-donkeys (they apparently knew that they were about to get tied to a tree, wormed and then marked with orange highliter):
A peacock... the lady who owns/runs this farm takes in lots of different kinds of animals that need to be rescued, and (I didn't know this) peacocks are in need of rescue:

My very capable bunch of girlies - they built the round pen they're standing in front of 100% on their own!
This picture cracks me up! Sidney got freaked out when the donkey moved and I caught her RIGHT in the act :)
This awesome group of kiddos completed all their tasks (mucking out stalls, planting cypress trees, digging post holes, building a round pen, worming the mini donkeys and moving fence rail) in record time and ith fabulous attitudes, I'll take them any time
Typical Junior High girl photo... I'm assuming that this is her new Facebook profile pic (it probably was uploaded and on Facebook via cell phone on the bus ride back to MCA) I was skeptical about what the day would hold for us, but community outreach day was well spent and worthwhile... 'til next time donkeys!

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  1. I missed alot when you went private! I think you have the most fun job in the world... you deserve it for dealing with all the drama that surely comes with it!


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