Friday, May 1, 2009

Please pray...

Please pray for me... I'm in my classroom waiting for a bus to arrive to take me and 15 Junior High students to a Donkey Rescue Farm. :) It's community outreach day and due to the swine flu we had to cancel several of our locations (i.e. MISD and nursing homes) and I'm now taking students to a donkey farm to volunteer for the morning. We're supposed to be cleaning hooves, grooming, worming (ewwww!) and putting up a fence. Please pray :)
UPDATE: I'm back from the farm safe and sound. The kids had a blast, the donkeys were wormed (not AT ALL what I thought it was going to be) and we got to share God's love with LOTS of His different creatures (like a peacock!). More posting (and pics) later.

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