Saturday, April 11, 2009

Room to Roam

Luke is SO enjoying his "room to roam" at our new house. He spends most of his time just crawling around and bugging Cadence (who isn't allowed to cross the line between hardwood and tile. He'll crawl into the kitchen, take her bone, and place it on the tile floor. He also taunts her by sitting just outside of her reach and then rolling balls across the floor. :)
As soon as Cadence retreats and lays down Luke makes his move
Another fun thing - pushing the moving boxes around the hall
Cadence looking sleepy and Luke looking angelic/devilish
"hmmmm... how can I get her to play with me?"
Before we had a chance to put the TV into the armoire Luke got to enjoy watching commercials up close and personal - He LOVES Olive Garden (just like his mommy) hehehe I picked this awesome table up at a yardsale like 2 weeks after Luke was born for $10.
I'm so glad I did becuase I think it may be his favorite toy!

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