Saturday, April 11, 2009


Here are a few pictures that I feel sum up and highlight our moving experience:
This is a picture of a bunch of our garage stuff piled in my parents' neighbors' side yard since the movers needed the truck our stuff was loaded in to do another move (and they couldn't unpack it at the new house)
Why was there stuff in my parents' neighbors' side yard??? Becaue their garage was already FULL of our stuff...

Here's Luke sitting in front of the sold sign before we could get in:
Here's the UHaul holding most of our stuff parked outside of the new house (it was like this for 3 days - I'm sure we made a great first impression on our neighbors) hehehe
I bought some furniture and the only day it could be delivered was Wednesday (which was supposed to be fine since we should have been moved in the Friday before), but since we weren't in yet, we had to have it delivered and dumped in the driveway:
Yet another great first impression :)
As we were sitting on our displaced furniture (lookin' pretty rough from a hectic few days and a sleepless night the night before) we got the call that our buyer's funds had FINALLY been transfered and we could move in. YAY! (Luke's face in this picture pretty much sums up how he had been feeling about being out of his bed for a few nights).


  1. the new house looks really nice!! congratulations!! :)

  2. So glad that you are in! Your home looks so bright and cheery!


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