Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mouth of Christ

At MCA all students take a Bible class and our JH Bible teacher is AWESOME! I'm continually surprised and impressed by what they're learning, talking about and writing. Amy (the Bible teacher) was telling me last week that she had her 7th graders write an in-class unprompted journal where they had to pick a teacher (past or current) and write about what part of the body of Christ they represented. When she collected the papers and began reading them that night, she was tickled to see than an OVERWHELMING majority (something like 27 out of 30) had chosen to write about me and they had all said that I was the mouth of Christ. :) Here are some of the reasons they said I was the mouth:

- I talk a lot (ha!)

- "God has gifted Mrs. McAnally with the ability to talk to us on our level. She is able to take tough concepts and put them into words we can understand."

- "Mrs. McAnally would be the mouth of Christ becuase she takes the time to talk to students not just about school, but about things we care about and about our lives."

Wow! Hello, wakeup call!!! Apparently students are actually listening to what I'm saying - and not just about equations, factoring and proportions :) This situation just up and smacked me in the face with the realization that I am an extremely influential person in these kid's daily lives and what comes out of my mouth (ALL THE TIME) needs to be things that do in fact honor and glorify Christ.... in simpler words, if I'm the mouth I better pick my words carefully.

Then I started thinking about this situation beyond the classroom - respresenting the body of Christ as the "mouth" outside of school and the classroom and started to think about my word (and tone of voice) in other situations - with my friends, with the clerk at Hobby Lobby, with my family... hmmm.

Anyway, just a little nugget of insight I've been mulling over the past few days and I thought I'd pass it on to all my readers (ha!) - like it or not people are listening to what we say, do, etc and we need to try and make sure that as a member of the body of Christ it's a favorable representation.

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  1. Amen! I'm so glad to get to keep up with you through you lovely blog! You and Dave are doing so great and I hope that we will have a chance to meet up again to catch up! Hope you have a great week!



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