Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break - Part 1

We really tried to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather as a family during Spring Break so one evening we headed to Towne Lake to walk around and see the ducks. I thought it would be a sweet time to take a father/son picture of Dave and Luke, but all Luke wanted to do was grab Dave's sun glasses:This was taken before the grabbing began, they both look so serious! :)

Luke staring intently at the ducks... I think he babbled at them the entire walk Checking out the ducks:
On Wednesday we took a break from packing and headed to Whitney's house for a lunch playdate. Luke was ALL OVER the place and, as usual, in everyone's business - especially Whitney's cat: Don't you like the way he's "lovingly" holding her by her ears in a death grip?!?! :)
(Don't worry, I made him let go and Whitney swore that her cat was okay with being "petted")
After lunch we thought it would be cute to take a picture of all the kids - Luke and Jackson thought otherwise I don't even know what to say... Luke loves a good paci
We also went up and visited Grandpa at his office where Luke was fascinated with the printer. He pressed ALL of the buttons and had a great time:
Over Spring Break Luke picked up the wonderful habit of sleeping in unti laround 7:45 (vs. 6:30 which was when he was waking up before) and when he got up we'd go get him and let him play in our bed for a while. I think that they were probably watching Sports Center:
We went and ate dinner at PeiWei with Dave's parents and this was the view I had of Luke pretty much the entire time... he couldn't seem to pull himself away from the cooks (and the fire!)
After breakfast one morning Dave got his hair wet (probably to get the smeared outmeal out) and then decided to slick Luke's hair back. He definitley looks different with out his "southern boy swoop"
I was packing for pretty much ALL of the break, and so when I needed to be really productive for 10 minutes I'd pop in Baby Einstein and set Mr. Man up and this is how he'd stay:

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