Monday, February 2, 2009

Wild Week 2009

Today kicked off MCA's second-annual Wild Week, a homecoming-style spirit week for Varsity Basketball. It was "decades day" and it was fun to see the students dressed in all of their vintage gear. Here are a few pictures of the reason I love what I do:
(you'll probably have to click on the pic to see it)
Yes - that's me in the top left picture - as the Student Government sponsor I think it's kind of my duty to participate and set a school spirited example (but really, who doesn't love a good costume day?!?!). I'm not sure which number was greater today: 1 - the number of odd looks I got while placing my order at Starbucks during the morning rush or 2 - the number of times I was mistaken for a student (usually the fact that the pre-teens are in uniforms helps distinguish me)

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