Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Slightly Askew Designs

I'm proud, nervous, excited, anxious, hopeful and eager to announce the launch of Slightly Askew Designs. For a long time, I've been urged to start my own very little creative business and so here it is. I've set up a website and a new email (which I'm still figuring out how to work), I have an ad coming out in McKinney Kids and I've even ordered business cards! (how official!) :) The plan is to create cards, invitations, logos, etc. for whoever will let me. I'm also working with another company to possibly do some cute screen printed kids t-shirts and other items. Anyway, right now it's a fun project, but hopefully with some good word-of-mouth advertising and some prayer (because that's always a good idea, right!) it'll turn itself into a legit operation. Wish me luck!!! (and check out http://www.slightlyaskewdesigns.com/)

What's the deal with the name??? Well - for as long as I can remember I've been teased about my love of having things be a "little off". I'm not a fan of centered and I think that things look better when they're a tad bit quirky. While working at Ambrosia on and off, Tammy used to make fun of how I liked things "slightly askew" and so when I was trying to think of a name I couldn't find anything that described my aesthetic better... so there it was. :)


  1. Andrea - this is SO great! Love the name and your cards. TOO CUTE!

  2. Wow Andrea! This is very exciting! I know you will do great!


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