Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mystery solved (we hope)

As of Monday I think my blog-stalker mystery is solved (or at least, I hope it is!). To make an extremely long and complicated story short - on Sunday night I was super-relieved to find out that the blog had been removed. YAY! It was a complete answer to prayer, although I was obviously still dying to know who was behind the whole thing. When I got to school one of my students came to me to tell me that she had received a message on facebook with a link to the defamatory blog from someone that she didn't know. When she gave me the name of the person who sent her the message I was shocked... it was someone named Courtney who (warning - this is a complicated social web I'm about to weave) is the current girlfriend of an "ex-friend" (I guess you could call him that), Chris, of ours who is also an "ex-employee" of Dave's (who left under some very unfavorable circumstances) and an ex-husband of a really good friend (Courtney is also an ex-employee of Dave's... this is how she and Chris met). Dave called and confronted Courtney who denied her culpability and tried to blame it on someone else by claiming that her laptop had been stolen. Her story is full of holes and inconsistencies and I know without a doubt that they're behind it, although they'll never admit to it.
Anyway, I still have no clue why Chris and Courtney would do this to us, other than the fact that both of them seem to be lacking in the "morals" department. I know that they're never going to admit to it, and I'm trying to be mature and just let it go. At least I know that it's not some creepo whose watching my house through a telescope or something strange like that. :) So for now, I'm going to chalk this up to some warped sense of jealousy, sick sense of humor and lack of moral judgement.... but I'm still keeping my blog private!
Thank you to everyone who prayed about this for us - God completely and quickly resolved this situation and brought to light those who were behind it and we much appreciate Him doing so. :)
On a side note - if this has inspired you to modify your privacy settings, my sweet friend KB brought another setting change to my attention that you may want to make as well:
Go to your blog settings and under the heading "Basic" , make sure that you select "no" to "Add your blog to our listings" and "Let search engines find your blog". This way none of your text and/or pictures will appear on a googe search.
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