Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back with a vengeance

I'm officially back to the blogging world with a vengeance and a warning: what you put on the internet for everyone to see... everyone can see! Even wierdo creepy people. As most of you know, over Christmas break someone named "Mike" started leaving bizarre comments on my blog. They weren't anything overtly mean or sinister or anything like that - just wierd. I'd go in and delete the comments and when I'd check back later, they'd be back on there. In response, I changed my blog settings and had all comments emailed to me for my approval before they were posted. I received several emails from blogger asking if I would like to approve or decline the numerous new comments that "Mike" was wanting to leave on the blog and I rejected them all. Of course I was curious as to who this "Mike" person was, but there was really no way to find out as when I'd click on his/her name I was kindly told that they had no profile/info. Then on Wednesday night I received several comments from "Mike" in the nature of ... "what, you don't like my comments?", etc., etc and so I decided it was time to make the blog private. In a final attempt to figure out who this wierdo was I clicked on their name again and you can imagine my shock when the link opened up and there was "Mike's" profile... complete with his profile picture - a picture of Luke! As if that wasn't bad enough he had created his very own blog using pictures from my blog that he copied, that way he could post all the nasty comments he wanted. Over the course of the next several days I found out that he was posting comments on several other people's posts advertising his blog and he even managed to create a fake facebook account and track me down there as well. I felt violated and hurt that someone would do this and it was even more frustrating because it's considered freedom of speech and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I can do about it other than pray that whoever this is will have a change of heart and delete the blog completely - otherwise it will be out there in cyberspace forever. Anyway, PLEASE take my situation as a warning... I have a feeling (by the nature of most of the posts) that this is someone who has something against me, not Luke, and that they're harmless in their obsession, but that's not to say that someone else looking at my personal information isn't. I will never post anything in a public forum like this again and I sincerely urge you to think about what you're posting and where you're posting it. I didn't think that there was anyone looking at my blog other than my friends and family (and their friends and family :) ), and there was. In the grand scheme of things, this is just a little bump, but a wierd and disturbing bump nonetheless. So, if you're as mad about it as I am and just want something to do about it - pray. Pray that whoever this pathetic person is will stop harassing us (yes, they're still blogging about us) and that somehow and some way the website will be removed. I'll be sure to keep ya'll updated, but in the meantime make your blogs private. :)
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