Saturday, November 22, 2008

You asked for it...

Some of ya'll have been asking about whether or not I could do your Christmas cards, and although I never really thought about it before now, the answer is YES! I've mocked up a couple of different styles below to get you thinking, but really they're completely customizable to your color preferences, wording choices, etc. All I need is your digital photo(s) and approximately 10 days (in order to design your card, make any changes and get them printed).
I'll let you know for sure in the next day or so (I still have to confirm with my printer), but I believe that they'll be $1.20 for a 5x7 with an envelope. If you'd just like the digital file so that you can have it printed at the venue of your choice (Walgreens, Walmart, etc. run approx. $1.25/print) I can do that also.
Anyway, if you're thinking that you'd like me to do your card, please let me know so that I can start working on it and get envelopes ordered- even if I don't have your pictures yet.
I'm looking forward to getting to be a part of your Christmas cards - and I promise to keep them a secret from everyone until you send them out :)

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