Sunday, November 23, 2008


Here are a few random highlights from our week...
Monday night ~ Bunco at my house ~ I pretty much kicked butt
Tuesday night ~ Bible study at Kelly's ~ I kind of kicked butt at that, too :)
Friday ~ Early release from school, Christmas shopping at Target, etc.
Saturday started with our usual 7 a.m. wakeup call from Luke. The picture below is how we find him pretty much every morning:

This is the part where I petition all of my mommy friends for your sage advice - Luke pees through his diaper EVERY night! We've tried Pampers baby dry, Pampers Cruisers, Huggies and Target brand. I am open to pretty much anything!
After Luke was cleaned up our morning proceeded as usual and I dropped him off at Gibi's house to take a nap while I headed to Shay's for Rachel and Jaxson's shower...
Despite feeling pretty icky (I've had a cold/sinus infection/yuckiness), I had a great time. Rachel got some really cute things, now all she needs is for Jaxson to get here.
*Side Note for Rachel* When you gave me the hostess gift after the shower, I kind of thought it was bubble bath - and I think I made several comments about how much I enjoyed bubble baths - Don't worry - I realized that it was dish soap (and great smelling dish soap at that) before I bathed myself in it :)
After the shower I picked Luke up and he and I headed home for an afternoon of playing.
He's very into knocking over block towers: He also enjoys playing with Cadence's icky tennis balls, she lets him hold it for a few minutes and then gently takes it from him
Here are a couple more cute pics of him playing

Luke worked up quite an appetite after so much rolling around and since he was taking a bath anyway, I let him make a HUGE mess with his dinner. He's always trying to grab the spoon and so I let him have it. He proceeded to rub it in his hair and everywhere else...
After dinner I tried to pull his sweatshirt off at the table so I wouldn't risk dumping applesauce all over the carpet on our way to his room and it got stuck on his head. Dave told me I wasn't allowed to post this pic, but I thought it was too funny not to share...
When I finally did get the sweatshirt off of his head, the applesauce in his hair made it stand completely on end...
I put him in his crib to get the bath ready and he managed to get his legs stuck in the rail in about 4.5 seconds. As you can tell, it's really bothering him:
Today was another great day - we slept in, organized the garage, cleaned out the attic, I made chocolate chip cookies, meat loaf and baby food and I got my grading all organized. We had a lot of great family time which (as always) included quite a bit of reading:

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  1. I apologize in advance if this goes without saying or of you've already tried it, but... how about a bigger diaper? I mean, if he normally wears a size 3, put him to sleep in a size 4. Just sinch it tight around the waist.


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