Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend recap

Here's a photo recap of our weekend:
Luke read books with Grandpa
Luke took several baths
(due in part to the fact that he has a tendency to pee on himself as soon as you pull off his diaper)

No, he didn't pull himself up, but he did hold on and keep himself standing for a few minutes
On Saturday we went to Allen Outlet Mall, but we read with Gibi before we left
Here Gibi and Luke are discussing what they've read
Gibi's reading was highly entertaining :)
Luke switched to the bigger size paci - he gagged at first, but got the hang of it pretty quickly
Dave took Luke and Cadence out for a walk on the golf course

Then we went out for dinner at Brio in Allen Luke colored with Gibi,
ate A LOT of puffs,
And played with Grandpa's hat...
...and face :)
After dinner we went and walked around outside and Luke was pretty enthralled with the waterfall and the giant bronze horse statues

With Gibi and Grandpa :)

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