Friday, November 14, 2008


So to start off with, here are some cute pictures of my very favorite blessing, Luke!
In the first three pictures he's wearing a pair of his big boy pjs... they've been tucked away in a drawer for when he got "big" and when I came across them this week I realized that they're already almost too small! He's growing WAY too fast! The fourth picture is of him in a knit romper/coverup/coat/thing :) that Gibi knit for him before he was even born. She's a HUGE blessing!!!

On Wednesday afternoon I got to participate in the blessing ceremony for MCAs new Student Life Center. It was really neat, the students all got to write blessings on the walls of the building before they get covered up. I also helped the students put together time capsules that will be encased in one of the walls. Some of the items enclosed included letters to the future, a "day in the life" video, cds with songs they like to listen to, prom pictures, a twinkie, etc.

As the Student Government Sponsor I CAN NOT WAIT for the building to be open... I already have plans for an end-of-the-year dodgeball tournament/lock-in and next year's Homecoming dances :)

The picture below is of my foreign exchange student Sieun after the blessing ceremony.
I just thought it was cute :) Friday was our quarterly MCA Community Outreach Day and we sent our entire upper school (JH and SH) out into the community to serve. I got to take a fantastic group of Freshmen and Sophomore girls to Kingsley Place where we hung out with and got to know some of the residents. I think that the residents were as big of a blessing to the girls as the girls were to the residents. They kept wanting to stay longer and (in typical high school girl fashion) had to give everyone about 5 hugs each before we left.

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  1. Andrea, Thanks for sharing the pictures of Luke as he is growing.

    Luke, you look handsome in the romper. I like that picture.


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