Wednesday, October 1, 2008

6 Months Old Today!!!

I'm having a bit of an emotional day as it's Luke's 6-month birthday! It's Homecoming Week and I'm having flashbacks to Homecoming last year and remembering 1) how fat I felt (that was after gaining about 5 of the 40 pounds I would eventually put on) and 2) how far away April seemed. I still can't believe that April has come and gone - along with 5 other months - and that Luke is already half of a year old! Everyone told me that time would fly by, but I really hadn't anticipated it going by quite this quickly. It seems like every day he's doing something new and growing, growing, growing. I looked at some pictures from his birthday and it's hard to believe that it's the same baby, for example, our first family picture below:
6 months ago today...

Luke loves to read - especially with Grandpa
Luke was quite entertained by a tupperware container filled with ice cubes:


  1. Ok, you're going to have to start putting warnings on your postings like "will make new moms cry when they read". The picture of you guys on the day Luke was born made me so sad because I know I'm going to turn around and it will be Kensington's six month birthday. However, hopefully by then we'll be sleeping through the night like you guys, so that gives me something to smile about.

  2. Happy 6 month birthday to Luke!!! Sorry I'm a little late on this. With love from NC :)


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