Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I woke up this morning at my customary 4:45 and went to turn the shower on and we have NO WATER!!! I mean, we have some water, but it's pretty much just dripping out of the faucets. It is storming really bad and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, so instead of going back to bed like a smart person, I've decided to blog. Because, seriously, when else am I going to do it. The past couple of weeks have kind of been a blur - between in-services, incorporating solid foods, meet the teachers, student government elections, laundry and etc. I honestly don't think I could tell you the date. :)
So... to sum up the last week or so, here are a few pictures:
Wiped after SaltGrass
(Thank goodness I had a paci in my purse... I can't even tell you the last time he took one, but it seemed to do the trick!)

Sitting in his portable high chair thing for the first time

This is Dave's brother Stephen - who, as we were walking out of Saltgrass, got slipped a piece of paper with the hostesses phone number :) It was the cutest thing ever

Being silly
Luke and Lilly

Luke and Lilly

Cousinly love... it's fun to think about how they're exactly (to the day) 3 years apart
So I was at Hobby Lobby and they had all of the fall stuff out... who cares if it's still August, I am soooooooo ready for fall (aka cooler weather)

Luke was just as excited about his SpiderMan PJS as we were

Three of his favorite things... his swing, his swaddle blanket and his thumb

Manpris :)

Luke and his "UM" (Uncle Mark) before Mark headed back to Tech for his last semester

Future plumber

Cadence swimming in the pond

Cadence running in the mud... the water was really low so there was lots of good gross stuff for her to rub her face in

Luke and Mommy

ARRR! Ahoy Pirate PJs!

LOVING his prunes

Tasting prunes for the first time... and yes, they've been working :)

In his new exersaucer... the first time he was in it I could hear him squealing and I thought that he was having a great time, and when I looked over he was covered in Cadence drool... she had pretty much been licking him to death while I was looking the other way :)

sporting the world's largest Elmo bib

Check out my new shoes... they have drums on them!

Chewing on his jumper

This is the hair we deal with every day :)

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