Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back To School

If you're wondering what happened to my regular blogging, I went back to school!
The students came back on Wednesday and teachers had been back for about a week before that. It's been rough leaving Luke, but I couldn't be happier or more at peace knowing that he's having a great time with Gibi everyday! :) He arrives in his pjs every morning and gets to spend some snuggle time with her before beginning his day.
Although going back to work has been tough, I couldn't ask for a better place to work. I love my students and that I get to be a small part of their lives on a daily basis.
Here are a few pictures of my classroom...

View when you walk in the door

John Calvin quote

My desk area

Proverbs 3:5-6 above the board (yes... I cut out each and every one of those letters, and I actually cut them out twice - once on white paper, then I taped them onto green paper and cut them out again!)

View from the window by my desk - I used to be able to see across the field to the playground, now I have a nice view of the new Student Life Center that's being built :)

View from my desk to the front of the room

Get it??? If not, that's a radical sign... math is radical :)

This is my favorite part of the room... my wall of fame. Junior High kids seem to love to look at themselves, so I make a point of taking pictures of them throughout the year and then cutting them out and putting them on the board. I redid it over the summer and took out a bunch of old pictures, but I imagine that it will be filled back in by the end of this school year.

This is one of my favorite pictures - it's me and one of my students, Drew, on Senior Citizens day during homecoming week two years ago

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