Sunday, February 2, 2014

Challenge Recap

Before I recap our IG challenge, don't forget to go to THIS POST from last week to enter to win ANY ITEM from the Hippie Chick webside (the sweater I was giving away sold out! hahaha)

It's no secret that I am a LOVER of Instagram, so back in December when Erika threw out the idea that she and I "host" a photo a day challenge I was totally on board!  We came up with the challenge and were immediately excited about the response...

Day 2: You
Me with a lap full of kiddos, in my sweats. #duh

Day 3: Breakfast
I eat peanut butter banana toast pretty much every. single. morning.  And hot tea with milk and sugar is my drink of choice all day long.

Day 4: Turn around and I see...
my boys being typical brothers getting ready to go to the Home Depot Kids Workshop :)

Day 5: I adore
I adore that my parents live down the street and that my dad can stop by and wrestle my boys on his way home from the golf course :)

Day 6: I wore
My outfit on this day wasn't cute... but I always love picking out Griffin's outfits for the day!

Day 7: This...
This... is me and G in coordinating outfits! LOVE!

Day 8: Makes You Smile
Pics from Dave of Griffin in the morning always make me smile!

Day 9: Proud Moment
Having a former student stop by and say "hey" and let me love on her adorable little girl :)

Day 10: Favorite
Leopard, denim jacket, a monogram... need I say more?!?!?! :)

Day 11: Work
No "real work" today... so off to the grocery store to work on our menu for the week

Day 12: Shoes!
Me, Erika and a sweet little girl from the Sunday School class we taught

Day 13: 8 am

Day 14: In your bag
My bag was so crazy it inspired an entire blog post!

Day 15: Bed Head

Day 16: Cheer
Love cheering on my MCA mustangs while snuggling in my t-shirt quilt (made from shirts from my first 3-4 years of teaching)

Day 17: Rise

Day 18: Black and White

Day 19: Three Things About Me
1) Dave and I met in high school band... I played bass trombone.  Yes... bass trombone.
2) I hate ET. He's scary and creepy and my dad had to sit outside of my bedroom while I fell asleep until I was about 11 because I was so terrified.  My students find this hilarious and like to photoshop my head onto pics of ET and post them on Facebook. hahaha
3) When I was pregnant with Mason my feet almost blew up.  Seriously.  I would cry every day and avoided all social interaction because of them.  They went down IMMEDIATELY after he was born and were back to "normal" a couple of weeks after.

Day 20: White
Griffin playing with the white paper at her 9-month check-up

Day 21: Cold
It was FREEZING so I sported some boot socks and my blardigan

Day 22: Today I...
blogged about my mini bathroom makeover!

Day 23: Guilty pleasure
Starbucks and Candy Crush (although I really don't feel guilty!) hahaha

Day 24: Out of Place
Griffin had a few hairs "out of place" on this day #headbandproblems

Day 25: Lunch
Leftover short rib tacos... and no I didn't make them.  They were from the country club :)

Day 26: Fresh
Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate for my Bachelor Wedding Watch Party!

Day 27: Memory
I posted two pics of some of my very favorite memories...

Day 28: My view from here...
Sweet Bowen hanging out while the girls ate pizza and rehashed the Bachelor Wedding :)

Day 29: A Number
ONE day to find out the details of this sweater :)

Day 30: Circle
I sprayed CIRCLES around my classroom using Lysol... kids were dropping like flies and I was determined to not get sick :)

Day 31: We ended the month the same way we started... self portrait!

We had so much fun getting a little peek into everyone's lives we decided to change up the hashtag a bit and do it again this month!

Find me on IG - I'm @andrea2220 and link up with us! 


  1. Wonderful photos!!
    It's been fun to see how you and Erika interpret the prompts every day :)

  2. I am starting the challenge today!!!!! I love seeing your pictures everyday. Have a great week.

  3. LOVEEED this post! It makes me want to do a re-cap too!!


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