Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nursery Rhyme Day and D.R.A.M.A.

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This past Friday was nursery rhyme day for PreK at MCA. After Christmas break each student was assigned a nursery rhyme to memorize and on the last Friday of the month, they dress up and recite their rhyme in front of the parents and kids in their class. 

Here are Luke's teachers reciting a nursery rhyme for the kiddos...

Luke was "Tom, Tom the Pipers son... stole a pig and away he did run" :)

He did a FANTASTIC job.  This kid of thing doesn't make him nervous at all!  Here he is setting down his pig so he can take a bow. hahaha

His friend Mallory was Old Mother Hubbard...

Dave, Mason and Griffin came to watch (G was WAY ready for her nap at Miss Lisa's house!)

So proud of this boy!!!

Luke and his bestie, Lincoln.  I wonder how many pics I'll have of these two together over the years :)

Luke did nursery rhyme day last year as well.   Click HERE to see how cute he was. hahaha

This cutie was lookin adorable, so when she got home in the afternoon I tried to take a couple of pics.  She wanted NOTHING to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with her toy :)

Dave tried to help me by taking the toy and holding it next to me.  Girlfriend wasn't having it.  She RARELY has a temper - but she was tired and she wanted that toy!

Fake coughing to get her way. hahaha

And just like that she's fine again. hahaha

Please note that there were no tears.  She only busts those out during EXTREME situations.  Like she's out of yogurt or she's 18 inches away from me (in the pack and play) while I'm getting changed. :)


  1. Oh my goodness! That pig! Such a sweet kid that Luke McAnally! (And as for Griffin...she's just all girl...we have our fair share of DRAMA too!)

  2. Luke cracks me up! LOVE that he bowed! :)

  3. Luke's so cute with the hat and little pig!
    Sweet photos of Griffin in the yellow headband :)

  4. Luke is just such a handsome little guy, I just LOVE his contagious!!! And that Griffin sounds so much like my Grace....Grace has the fake cough down to a science and her tears for her extreme circumstances are pretty much the same...I laughed out loud at the out of yogurt or her being 18 inches from you....SO true!!!

  5. Haha! I LOVE that Luke! Take a bow! Precious!!

  6. Were there kids laying on the floor hiding and/or crying? Because that would be my firstborn... :) Sweet Luke looks like he did great!

  7. Can you share what room you took the picture in with the heart sweater? That looks like such a fun room full of baubles and clothes, and hair accessories. Looks like a neat room. Thanks for sharing!


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