Thursday, June 13, 2024

G's Room Declutter/Update

Y'all know I've been working through my "summer declutter" list and one of the big tasks on my list was G's room.  

Why was this a big task?  THIS IS WHY.

Dave and I are very much of the mindset that their rooms are their rooms.  Their spaces to fill with their special things and decorate like they want and all of that BUT it does get to a point where we have to do a reset and her room was in need of a BIG ol' reset.

She had mentioned wanting to change out her bedding (she had a marker incident with her previous white comforter) and said she was wanting to pack up some of her dolls and other toys so we ran by Homegoods and got totally inspired and decided we'd tackle her room the next day.  Well... she got invited to a friends house the next day so I asked her if she'd be okay with me doing her room and she agreed.  This ended up being the best possible scenario because I was able to sort and purge without her wanting to keep every eraser, cute pen, lip gloss, stuffed animal, etc.  I essentially did her entire room and pulled out things that I felt like she didn't need in her room and then gave her the option to add things back in once she got home.  She added in two stuffed animals but that was it!  She went through the things I'd pulled out and sorted what she wanted to give away (we have a few friends at school with girls younger than her that she loves to pass along Barbies, AG doll accessories, etc. to) and what she wanted to keep in storage bins in the attic (AG dolls, Maileg mice, etc.) and that was that!

So.  Here was her inspiration that started the process ;) She LOVED this smiley pillow...

... and then we found the throw blanket with the stripes and flowers which led us to the flower pillow and then the coral comforter.  It was obviously meant to be because we found it all in one trip ;)

The koalas are all Jellycat brand ;)

Her dresser was a vintage find and the art was one of my favorite Homegoods finds EVER (you can find it HERE)

Her desk area pretty much stayed the same (desk is PB teen via FB marketplace) and I added this mirror.

Here is the only "in process" pic I took...

... and here is all the stuff that left her room (not including the couple bags of clothes that I still have to sort through and the bin of Maileg mice and bin of AG dolls that I already put away)...

I wasn't planning on updating you on my declutter until the end of the summer but this transformation was too good not to share ;) Thankfully the rest of my projects aren't nearly this involved! hahaha

HAPPY Thursday and happy decluttering, friends!


  1. I love this transformation! Thank you for sharing! Also, would you mind linking her alarm clock? :) I like the rainbow numbers.

  2. I firmly believe that little girls rooms are the WORST to declutter!! They save every teeny, tiny, LITTLE thing! It turned out so cute!

  3. It looks so good! I love it! I would also love for you to do a weekly update on your decluttering. haha! Maybe it might motivate me to tackle certain spots in my house.

  4. Looks great! Amazing job and I love that it captures her personality! When my daughter was her age, she loved all her "treasures" so decluttering was an ongoing process!

  5. Great Job! I also would like if you could do a little update on your decluttering progress occasionally. It's a great motivator!


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