Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The BEST Pulled Pork

 This recipe has been one of my favorites for probably 15 years.  It couldn't be easier and produces THE BEST BBQ every single time.  I'm resharing it this week because this week is CRAZY BUSY and this is the perfect recipe to have on hand for weeks just like this.  It's also great for summer when you don't want to have your oven going but want something great for sliders after a day in the pool.  

If you make this I'd love to hear what you think!

Here's what you'll need
- Boston Butt  Pork Roast (or a shoulder roast... we prefer a butt)
- An onion
- Dr. Pepper (trust me!!!)
- Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce

I typically will buy one this size or a little bit smaller.

What you'll do...
Step 1 - Place your roast into your crockpot with the onion (quartered/sliced) and some Dr. Pepper (you don't have to cover it, but it doesn't hurt to cover it either.  I'll typically pour in the equivalent of 2-3 cans)


Step 2 - Cover and cook on low for about 8 hours.  This particular roast cooked on low for 8 hours and wasn't "falling off the bone" when I stuck a fork in it so I turned it up to high for an additional 2 hours or so.  You really can't mess this up - it'll just keep getting more and more tender.  I just check it with forks and if it pulls apart easily it's done - if it doesn't I keep it going.

Step 3 - Once you've deteremined that the meat is done you'll want to pull out the onions, the "yuck pieces" (how we refer to the bits of fat, etc.), and the bone if there is one.  Once you have the meat seperated you'll want to start pouring in the BBQ sauce and stirring/mixing as the meat shreds.

This is delicious about any way you can think of. We love it as sliders, on texas toast...

... or as a filling in grilled cheese.  Yes ma'am. 

Depending on the size of the roast it can make a TON - if you know your family isn't going to eat it all at one time you can portion some out into a freezer ziplock bag, squeeze out the excess air and freeze it.  The day you want to eat it put the bag into the refrigerator to let it thaw and then once it's thawed out you can warm it up in a bowl in the microwave, on the stovetop or even in your crock pot again.  You may want to mix in a bit more bbq sauce but that's really just up to your tastes.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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