Monday, February 5, 2024

Friday Favorites on a Monday

Well... my Friday post didn't go as planned.  I got hit HARD with something awful on Thursday and could barely lift my head off the pillow until mid-day Saturday.  IT WAS ROUGH!

That said, I'm sharing some of my regularly scheduled Friday Faves today!

First up - THE SUN!  After several weeks of just gloomy weather the sun made an appearance last week and really teased us with some faux Spring weather.  That meant Mason hit up one of his FAVORITE places...

... and I visited one of mine ;) hahaha

For real though - my FAVORITE spot after school is right here where I can grab a quick minute with a cup of tea and kind of process my day. hahaha

While #alltheortho appointments aren't necessarily my FAVORITE to fit into our already hectic weeks, a few minutes of one-on-one time with these cuties is ALWAYS a favorite!

This pic came up on my FB this week and I can't!  Those little baby hands and curls are my FAVORITE!

This picture isn't the best but I made Swedish meatballs last week which is a fan FAVE at our house.  I've had several people message me saying it's their family's FAVORITES as well which makes me so happy!

Golf season is upon us and both my boys needed new shoes and wouldn't you know it one of their FAVORITE styles of Nike's now comes in a golf shoe!  My FAVORITE is that they were on sale ;)

This girls art/school projects are ALWAYS my FAVORITE (even if I'm viewing them horizontally from the bed). hahaha

That sunshine is my FAVE!  That jar of crystals came from one of my FAVORITE co-workers of all-time and I love how the sun shines through them and makes little rainbows all over my classroom.  

Last, but not least - Luke wrapped up his indoor track season last weekend at OU.  I asked for restaurant recommendations in Norman and OVERWHELMINGLY the response was Hideaway Pizza.  

IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!!  I took one picture because we were starving and you try telling teenage boys that they have to wait to dig in ;)  We had the Aporkalypse and Cimarron and Luke had a pasta (I think bacon mac and cheese) and EVERYTHING was SO SO SO GOOD!  We had no idea that they've expanded and actually have a location close to us and we'll FOR SURE be visiting ASAP!

We ate lunch, dropped Luke off at the track facility and then Mason, my dad, and I poked around campus a bit.  It was SO COLD and not the best day for strolling around campus so we kept it quick...

... and then headed to the track.

It was a LONG day but such a great way to wrap up his first indoor season and I'm so grateful for all the time we spent together!

Happy MONDAY, friends!


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