Thursday, February 8, 2024

Cute Stuff Vol.1

HAPPY Thursday, friends!  I tried really hard to think of a clever/catchy name for this post - which is pretty much just a collection of CUTE CUTE stuff that I've had my eye on the past few weeks.  Things that made me smile, fit my "vibe" and things I just think are FUN.  What did I land on??? Cute Stuff. hahaha. So here we go... Cute Stuff - Volume 1 ;)

I ordered this DARLING duffel for Griffin (maybe for Valentine's day, maybe for her bday) and LOOK HOW CUTE it is!  I'm considering having it monogrammed, but isn't it perfect for sleepovers, overnight trips, etc.???

When I grabbed that bag for her I added a couple pairs of these socks to my cart so the boys would have something fun to wear on St. Paddy's Day.  Luke is also doing a St. Patrick's Day triathlon thing so he'll be able to count these as a themed outfit. hahaha

I have this dress in another colorway that I wear ALL THE TIME and I couldn't resist this sunflower gingham...

... and speaking of dresses I also have this one in my cart just waiting for me ;) hahaha

How funny is this sticker???

I love love love these juice glasses and the bees couldn't be sweeter.

Do I need  another notebook? NO.  Am I probably going to order this one anyway? YES. 
I love a full-size notebook that I can toss in my bag and jot my lists and musings and all of that in and the print on this one literally couldn't be more adorable.

Another thing I don't need another of is a planter BUT this one is PERFECTION...

I really need to live somewhere other than North Texas because  this jacket couldn't be cuter if it tried...

.... and my kids are too big for these plates but if they were smaller I'd immediately be scooping up these melamine plates for Easter and Spring.  UGH - it's a Loveshack Fancy collab and they're SO DARLING!

And there you go! A whole bunch of cuteness on a Thursday ;). HAPPY Thursday and happy browsing, friends!!!


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