Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Tween Girl Gift Guide

 Today I'm sharing my ultimate "tween girl" gift list.  I can't believe that we're moving away from Barbies and stuffed animals, but I'm embracing the tween stage.

First up is  this CD player - can you even believe it?  Griffin REALLY loves having music on her room and we don't do Alexa but I think she would LOVE this option!  I even found  a shop on etsy that will make mixed CDs.  I also love that it's super compact.


Griffin LOVES a planner and this one is right up her alley...

... add  some cute stickers and  a pack of flair pens and you're good to go!

I ADORE  this color of the Stanley iceflow and G prefers this style for school.

She's been VERY into beaded bracelets and I'm hoping that she can get into embroidery floss bracelets as well because I LOVED making these as a kid!  This little kit/holder looks super handy for beginners and I'm excited to give it to her!

Is it weird I want these socks??  

Okay - so hear me out ;). I LOVED my tamagotchi as a kid and I'm really hoping to bring it back. hahaha. I think she'd absolutely be into this and I think it could be a fun (dare I say retro???) gift for girls this year.

I LOVE  this lip mask and feel like it's the perfect tween gift.  

Next up - skin care.  I really have no clue how skin care has made it's way into 5th grade girl culture BUT IT'S HERE.  I've been doing some research into clean beauty brands that have kid-safe products (more on that later), but have a few small products for G that I think she would LOVE to have in this little cosmetics fridge...

... and I'd do some of  these eye patches, a little jade roller, etc. in there for her.

This lulu dupe is SO CUTE and has great reviews...

... and I think she'd absolutely love this hand lettering book...

... honestly, we both may need one.

Kawaii pens are ALWAYS a hit...

... and the price on  this little duo can't be beat. 

... but if you want something custom you HAVE TO check out  this etsy shop.  Her prices are awesome and she ships SUPER fast.  Last year I had this "Art stuff" pouch customized for Griffin and filled it with pens and markers and a little sketch pad.

This is another one of those "in-between" gift ideas... it's still "little girl" but fun and fashion-oriented which is so cute.

Griffin has several of  these books and LOVES them!  It would be perfect with the kawaii pens!

If you have someone on your list who is in their Swiftie era check out  this etsy shop. I ordered both of these shirts for G and I think she's going to FLIP!

Are these not the sweetest pjs of all time?!?! I feel like they scream tween since they're not the tight-fitting Hanna Andersson PJS and would be SO CUTE with the Laneige lip mask and an eye mask.

This gift set is $42 and is on most of the teen/tween girls that I know lists this Christmas.  If the whole set isn't doable the body mist is what they're all carrying around in their backpacks ;)

Last, but not least  these bow claw clips are DARLING!! The price is great for the set.

So there you have it! I'm sure I'll have more ideas and I'll post them as I find them but here's a start!  I'm not going to lie... this is kind of my favorite age to shop for... still little but kind of big.  It's super sweet.  HAPPY Wednesday and happy shopping!

PS - more ideas in last year's gift guide HERE!


  1. Thanks for all the great ideas!!

  2. Thank you so much for this! My little cousin is the same age as Griffin and I'll buy an item or two off your guide and what I send her is always a hit!


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