Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween!

Today I thought it would be fun to share some of my FAVORITE costumes from over the years!  Honestly, I just wanted an excuse to get all nostalgic and is there anything cuter than a costume? NO!

For Luke's first Halloween he was a "Halloweenie" and I remember this VIVIDLY!!!

We had a friend come over and take a few pictures (they were his 6-month pictures as well) and when they suggested Dave and I don an apron and grilling tools we happily obliged.  I'm not sure what we were thinking, but hey, it's a cute pic now :)

Who else remembers the fleece Old Navy costume era?!?!?!

In 2011 we had a little hamburger and hot dog.

One of my favorite pictures of all time...

More Old Navy fleece costumes...

and Wizard of Oz for trick-or-treating :)  The costumes Dave and I were wearing were actually a hand-me-down from a parent at MCA and they spurred on the idea of the theme.  The lion I picked up on eBay and I made Mason's costume myself by hot gluing the silver shiny fabric onto an old navy fleece he was about to outgrow.

First family of five costume and we were farmers and animals...

Jake from State Farm and his crew...

and Spiderman, an owl and an astronaut...

This peacock was one of my most favorite costumes of all time...

... as was this last minute "Rosie the Riveter" costume I pulled together for our church Harvest party.

Our family "Will Ferrell" theme is a forever favorite...

... and we went through a Star Wars phase obviously ;)

Queen of Halloween started G's love of a black lip ;)

And I'd like to think we were the original Mario Kart family costume ;)

Last year...

... and nothing will ever top 2021 for me...

Probably three of the best we ever did!

Rosie's first costume was a Toy Story theme with Bo Peep and Buzz,..

And, last, but not least... I think that this is fourth or fifth grade where I REALLY wanted a store bought costume and so I tole my mom I wanted to be the world so that she would have to admit she couldn't make that and I'd get to pick something out at the store last minute.  Well, she came through.  With a geographically accurate costume of the globe made out of fuzzy toilet seat covers.  :)   #touche

This year I only have two dressing up and I can't believe this super fun season is winding down in a way.  HAPPY Halloween and happy dressing up, friends!!!



  1. Happy Halloween, friend! I'm so thankful to have spent SO MANY with you!!!!

  2. Even though in that first pic with baby Luke you're obviously much younger, I swear you look just like your mother. I see the resemblance between you two for sure! All the costumes over the years have been great and your kids are so cute! Lastly, you might just want to keep this one under your hat and not tell G, but I miss her long, gorgeous hair.


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