Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Weekend on a Wednesday

This weekend was so epic it's taken me until Wednesday to get myself together enough to sort through pics to share ;) 

Friday morning started with a pep rally...

... where Griffin and her bestie got to cheer with Varsity and their little lives were MADE!  They're the only two fifth graders who did the elementary cheer program (out of like 60+ girls) which has it's perks ;)

Have you ever seen two happier girls? NO.

Friday night we headed over to the stadium ...

... so Luke could get situated in the stands and G could get dropped off for cheer.  Y'all.  SO BIG!

And see some friends on the way ;)

G got to cheer...

... Luke performed...

... and Mason ran around with friends ;)

I left after halftime and was cracking up at the CHAOTIC texts I got after that...

... including G getting "pretend arrested"...

... and Dave cramming this crazy crew of 7th grade boys into my car (along with Luke and G) to take them to a friends house for an impromptu sleepover.

Bless. This. Mamas. Heart.   
No bags. No toothbrushes.  NO DEODORANT.  Just fun (and lots of pizza)

Saturday morning the boys didn't have cross country (PRAISE THE LORD) and we spent our morning at Christmas Show dance rehearsals, running a few errands and prepping a few things for Homecoming dance dinner and pictures.  

THANK GOODNESS for sweet friends who are REALLY good at flowers and can take my attempt and turn it into something 15 times better.  

We prepped some food and then headed over to Luke's friends house for Homecoming dinner and pictures.  Rather than doing a restaurant, this sweet family offered to host dinner at their house for all the kids and their families.  It was PERFECT for freshmen and a really fun time.

Matching/coordinating was a top priority and so when we got pics of the dress we knew it had to be the shoes.  We lucked out finding everything else at H&M and they ended up looking so cute together!

Just the SWEETEST group of kids!

When your parents have to drive you to your dance ;) hahahaha

Dave and I headed home to rest for a bit (hahaha) before picking everyone up at 11:00 and bringing them back to our house for some hangout time.  

LOTS of snacks...

... and then four pounds of chicken nuggets served on a cookie sheet hot tub-side ;) hahaha

The girls went home around 1:30am and then the boys slept over and I'm FOREVER grateful for the opportunity to host these kinds of things.  

Just in case the weekend hadn't been packed enough, the boys headed out Sunday afternoon to watch the Cowboys play the Jets...


It was a pretty sweet experience that included a TON of food, getting to watch the players come out on the field, watching the National Anthem and kickoff from field level and Mason getting his jersey signed by Jerry Jones.

LOTS of core memories made this weekend for everyone ;)


  1. You need to take G to the NCA Cheer Competition in Dallas that is March 1 to 3rd. Its one of the largest competitive cheer comps in the world. All the high level teams compete in the Big Arena which is so cool to watch what they can do in two minutes. Our team from ND will be back to defend our title!

  2. How did they get those Cowboy tix!?!?!? That's AMAZING!!!


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