Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Teacher Tuesday: Sticker Love

You wouldn't necessarily think that stickers would be a big deal in middle school but let me tell you.... you'd be wrong ;). Stickers are, in fact, a big deal and I LOVE me some stickers so it works out well.

Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite and most economical sticker options in case you're a teacher looking for some solid options that won't break the bank. 

These smileys are an Amazon subscription for me because they're just so good.  They're large and great quality and perfect for so many occasions ;)

I just picked up  this roll of pumpkins and they are GREAT - perfect for the next couple of months and also large!

I ordered these and was a little bummed that I didn't read the fine print that the total sticker count included some small shiny star stickers but the stars are total nostalgia and these are XL so I'm not too mad about it.  They're so cheesy they're funny and my middle schoolers love these.

These are new to me and my students are loving them.  They come with a TON of sheets (multiple sheets in each package) and are scratch and sniff.  For YEARS my students have asked me "are these smelly stickers" and I always say, "if you smell REALLY hard" and now it's true. hahaha. They all kind of smell the same but it doesn't even matter ;)

These meme stickers are strictly reserved for tests and they're coveted among my student sticker collectors...

I've ordered and loved  these colorful smileys...

... and just ordered these gold stars. 

I've also had good luck picking up books of stickers from Michaels BUT some of the stickers in the books are TEENY which I don't love.  I grade about 100 papers a day and kids can earn a sticker by gettin a a 90 or above - every kid is getting stickers at some point and I'm not going broke buying 500 stickers a week ;) 

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!

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  1. I love your stickers! Especially for middle schoolers ;)


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