Friday, September 22, 2023

Friday Favorites

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One of my FAVORITE things ever is watching G sing in choir.  She LOVES it so much!

Sunday night she sang in our church's Night of Worship and it was just the sweetest.

A parent emailed me this photo last Friday - isn't it STUNNING???  

And speaking of stunning the sky is starting to show off in the morning which is one of my FAVORITE parts of early Fall around here ;)

This picture showed up on my FB memories from 6 years ago and it's a FAVORITE!


Trade Joe's run with my little dancer is always a FAVORITE!

I forgot to post this from last weekend ;)

And this one ;)  There's my FAVORITE drummer way back there in the back! hahahaha

Naps are always a FAVORITE!

And grading isn't necessarily a FAVORITE but grading cute coordinate graphing pictures while eating cheese, crackers and grapes IS a favorite!

Especially when this girl is hanging with me!

This picture from Tailgate was posted by the high school and I immediately had a flashback...

... to this picture from when he was newly six.  That dimple!

Anyone else have several FAVORITE work liquids?!?!  If you haven't seen the reel I posted over on IG this week you can click HERE to check it out ;)

My two FAVORITE McAnally girls ;)

Another mom shared this with me from last week and those smiles are a FAVORITE!

Another pic I forgot to share - the Cowboys game was a FAVORITE for all three of them and the food was for sure a highlight.

A couple of FAVORITE scenes from the week were one of Mason's besties helping G with some homework...

... this kid pretty much asleep in the massage chair at the orthodontist...

... and getting to be the recipient of Masons awesome art as a teacher ;)  Luke was NOT a fan of these kinds of assignments but Mason eats them up!


Griffin had a haircut this week and she decided to go short again...

I love her hair no matter what but short is my FAVE!

HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. G wears short hair so well! I absolutely love it on her!

  2. So many fabulous favorites! I love that comparison of then and now and G's short hair is adorable.

  3. What a great post! That's a lovely photo of the choir - I used to love it when Sophia's choir would sing at a historic house near us during the holidays. Don't you love FB memories - so fun to see "back in the days" photos. Is that an Emma Bridgewater mug next to your Starbucks cup? I love her mugs. Your son is growing up to be a very handsome young man. Have a great weekend!


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