Wednesday, June 7, 2023

North Texas Faves Part 3

 Perot Muesum, Dallas

The Perot museum opened in December 2012 and we joined in January of 2013 and have been members pretty much continuously since then because we loved it so much.  I dug up a picture of us on our very first trip - Mason in the stroller and Griffin in the belly ;)

We went to the museum pretty much weekly in the summer of 2013 (G was born in April) because my boys would cat nap on the way there, play in the children's area for a couple of hours, we'd pick one exhibit or so on the other floors and then I'd feed them lunch on the way home and everyone would nap when we got back home.  Amen . If they fell asleep in the car I'd grab a Starbucks and drive/park for an hour or so in the quiet and it was bliss. hahaha 

The children's part on the lowest floor has TONS for littles to do including a pretend construction site with foam blocks and working conveyer belt, an outdoor sandbox where they can excavate dinosaur bones, a pretend camping site, market and then a section that is just FULL of craft supplies that they can get into to their hearts desire.

The membership wasn't much more than the cost of a couple of visits and it made our frequent trips to visit the kids part only well worth it. 

As the kids got older and I got more comfortable taking three littles we spent less time in the children's area and more time exploring the other floors which are INCREDIBLE!!! 

Tons of hands on exhibits, huge dinosaurs, an engineering floor that my kids would spend all day on - just EVERYTHING!

When it was time to go we'd always leave time for a little splashing outside ;)  Often times it was a picnic lunch out here while they all ran around and got super wet.

The museum often has traveling exhibits (we've been to every Lego one that's come through)...

.... and an imax theater which we'd often add on.

Seriously can't say enough great things about The Perot... if you're local I highly recommend getting a membership and if you're visiting the area I'd plan on getting a time early in the day and leaving at least 3-4 hours to explore.

Prairie Creek Park, Richardson

G and I visited Prairie Creek Park in Richardson last week and couldn't add it to our list of favorites fast enough.  We grabbed a quick lunch at Scotty P's and our blanket and set out to find the waterfall...

... and find it we did!

It's manmade and is part of a larger trail system and I felt fine with her walking across and splashing a bit BUT there's no way I'd let my kids actually wade in or play in the water as it was pretty stagnant looking upstream from the water fall.

Definitely worth the trip to see and play in and there are lots of trails you can walk as well!

 Arcade 92, McKinney

Arcade 92 is downtown McKinney and is SUCH A fun spot if you're sick of the pool and/or it's a rainy day and you have kids to entertain. It's an arcade full of what feels like every single retro arcade game...

... mixed with all the modern ones...

... and gaming systems.

They serve food and drinks and I think admission is something like $12 and you can stay as long as you want.  Check their website because I know it's "adults only" after a certain time but it's a fun spot where they can play and you can read a book and eat french fries while they have a ball ;) hahahhaa

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!!!


  1. I fully expected to see the picture of Shay holding Mason's hand when he had ditched his shorts when you talked about the Perot museum!


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